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Welcome to! If you are looking for the newest IO games, then congratulations, you have come to the right place! Hundreds of legendary games from the IO series are available in our archive, waiting for you to conquer them! Become the ultimate winner and dominate the leaderboards! Are you ready to have some fun?

The Explosion of the IO Games

The first IO game to appear as, was released on the internet forum 4chan in 2015 by Matheus Valadares, a Brazilian software developer. became famous overnight and has attracted millions of players. The game is centered on cells that develop by eating agar and consuming other players. The overwhelming success of has inspired other developers to create hundreds of other IO games, some quite similar to Agar, some not, but all following a similar format. They're all free, multiplayer, and very attractive!

How to Play IO Games

The main core of the IO game series is still based on growing your character by consuming food and exterminating other players. Repeat until you're the biggest, and you'll reach the top of the leaderboard! The majority of IO games adhere to a similar set of rules (although there are a few that break from this mold):

Unlike traditional "freemium" games, the IO series is completely free, with full gameplay available without any additional fees. Some IO games also appear on the iOS and Google Play stores.

What are the most popular IO Games?

What are the new IO Games?

  1. Shell Shockers
  2. Smash Karts
  10. Zombs Royale (
  1. Hex Bois
  3. Froggiddy-Up
  5. Red Light Green Light
  7. Chess Arena









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